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I am a pretentious caricature who delights in conforming to nonconformity.
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Sums up my relationship with pizza quite nicely



If you don’t have Felicia Day seductively eating pizza on your blog, you aren’t blogging right.

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I deserve better than this.

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Sometimes I really hate American culture.

You’re not allowed to have any negative expressions. Because God forbid someone senses your troubles and then their day is ruined (by the way, if your happiness is so damn fragile, that’s your problem, not mine). Keep your sadness and anger to yourself. Nobody wants to see that. Anger is a myth. It doesn’t exist, actually! It’s all in your mind! Good vibes! Positivity! Optimistic unicorn plant energy! Aren’t you feeling better already? No? How about some small talk? How are you, neighbor? I’m great, and yourself? I don’t even care, I’m already walking away to where I can’t hear your answer! I only asked because I’ve been trained to by society! That’s okay, I lied anyway! I’m actually feeling like shit today!

The worst is when strangers tell you to smile. “Smile!” Are you literally commanding me to smile? Did my bitchface offend you so much that you had to do something about it? Really, instead of making me feel happier, you made me feel worse. So fuck you, stranger. I don’t owe you anything. 




Red Wound - The Sons of the Devil by Justin Cooper




Xue Jiye (b. 1965, Dalian, China)     Paintings

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