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I am a pretentious caricature who delights in conforming to nonconformity.
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Atelier Aimée, an Italian fashion line, has designed wedding gowns inspired by Empress Elisabeth.


Finally finished my crash comic that I wanted to have finished before my Senior show a month ago, but graduation sorta got in the way.

Needless to say it’s been a really tough 3 weeks since my Mother’s passing. It’s really hard to find reasons to get out of bed anymore. But she was the one who believed in the me the most, so If I quit now I would be doing her a great injustice. (Trust me there are days where I don’t even want to think about drawing let alone peruse a career in it.) 

Anyway here it is! My Odin Comic.
For the sake of being able to use it in my portfolio I didn’t use the standard child Skwisgaar design, I made him a bit young than when he was in his flashback so here his hair is shorter.
I didn’t want any words or anything. PLUS I finally get to use my Odin design in full! 

Basically, the boy wants a guitar but can’t get one, so his God Dad who visits him ever night has a better idea! The track I listened to non stop while writing and drawing the concept art and panels was ‘Darkness and Frost’ by Wintersun. I adore the folk feel and the melodic value of that track, how it mixes with traditional and new age. And that’s what I sorta I envisioned when I was drawing this mortal son with his Immortal Father. Hope you like it!



When you flip bats upside down they become exceptionally sassy dancers.

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ART: Slowmotion Tattoo

In this incredible, hypnotizing slow motion, close-up, we see a tattoo being applied by tattoo artist GueT. Seeing the skin ripple in super slow motion is both remarkable and slightly unsettling.

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